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Hitomi Tanaka’s Hidden Areolas

Scoreland was finally able to land one of the world’s hottest busty Asians, Hitomi Tanaka for debut outside the Japanese porn market! Hitomi areolas, I feel, are under appreciated because quite frankly, they’re hard to see. They blend in almost perfectly with her breast and unless the light is hitting them just right, you might miss some great areolas. The thing is, once you do see them, they’re magnificent and huge! To show those out there that might otherwise miss this, I’ve adjusted the hue and contrast in this pic so Hitomi’s areolas really show through. Now, I didn’t paint anything in, I didn’t enlarge or do any photoshopping – I just adjusted the contrast! So what you’re seeing here are her true areolas! They’re huge aren’t they? Enjoy this busty Japanese 40J cup babe!

hitomi tanaka big tits

Check out Hitomi Tanaka’s debut at Scoreland!

Hitomi Tanaka’s Huge Areolas

Hitomi Tanaka is one of my favorite Busty Asian models of all time. I’m seriously in love with this girl lol. I was in love with her when she was just posing like this, solo, but when she started doing hardcore movie, damn, that was it. Her natural 40J cup tits are heavenly and her enormous areolas are a Godsend. Her areolas are very light, compared to her skin, but these are some of the best pics ever, that show the distinction. Her areolas really cover her entire huge breasts! There’s not too many women that I’ve come across that are that large. It’s no surprise that this Japanese babe has quite a following, once you get hooked on her, you can’t get enough. Take a look at the lovely busty Hitomi Tanaka.

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See more of Hitomi Tanaka (hardcore!) @ Busty Asians!

Hitomi Tanaka

I’ve had Hitomi Tanaka in my pocket for quite some time, but I think it’s that time to let her out. Hitomi is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, big boob Japanese model. All of her movies can be found at Busty-Asians, ranging from mild solo to full on hardcore. Not only does Hitomi have enormous boobs, a 40J cup, but her areolas are absolutely huge as well. Now, her areolas are almost the color of her breast, so it takes a bit of an eye to catch it, but when you do, you’ll see that her areolas cover almost the entire front of her breast – that’s pretty impressive given they’re 40J cups. Take a further look at this beautiful busty Japanese babe.

hitomi tanaka

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