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Hitomi Tanaka’s Hidden Areolas

Scoreland was finally able to land one of the world’s hottest busty Asians, Hitomi Tanaka for debut outside the Japanese porn market! Hitomi areolas, I feel, are under appreciated because quite frankly, they’re hard to see. They blend in almost perfectly with her breast and unless the light is hitting them just right, you might miss some great areolas. The thing is, once you do see them, they’re magnificent and huge! To show those out there that might otherwise miss this, I’ve adjusted the hue and contrast in this pic so Hitomi’s areolas really show through. Now, I didn’t paint anything in, I didn’t enlarge or do any photoshopping – I just adjusted the contrast! So what you’re seeing here are her true areolas! They’re huge aren’t they? Enjoy this busty Japanese 40J cup babe!

hitomi tanaka big tits

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Anais Hills DDF Busty

The latest from big boob site DDF Busty features a French/Portuguese amateur named Anais Hills. Anais has been featured in porn before, but with just a handful of movies, she’s not quite the porn star…yet! After viewing some of her clothed pics, I couldn’t wait to the next as she revealed her huge, natural breasts. As she uncovered her nipples with her hands, I was floored to see her perfectly smooth and large areolas! Watch this cute, chubby 23 year old strip down as she plays with her breasts and shows off her magnificent, large areolas!

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Samantha U Got It Flaunt It

While a majority of the U.S. is baking in some un-Godly heat, one of the best ways to alleviate the pain is to head to the beach. While California isn’t getting hit too bad, I’ve seen a higher than normal population covering the sand to get in the last bit of summer fun. Needless to say, anything that brings lots of girls in bikinis around, I’m not complaining about. Late last year, I featured an amateur named Ashely from the site U Got It Flaunt it, with nice, large and dark areolas and she had a favorable response. Well, they just released another busty girl named Samantha that they found, already topless, walking around the beach, who has some very nice, puffy and large areolas as well. Samantha agreed to take pics right there in front of everyone. I love that she’s completely uninhibited, but with a body and breasts like hers, who would feel any embarrassment showing it all off in public? She knows she’s got the goods lol. Take a look at this amateur hanging out on the beach!

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Havana Ginger and Jada Fire

Havana Ginger was one of the women that came to mind when I started this site years ago. In fact, she was one of the first women that I featured on the site. She’s the epitome of a large areola woman. Jada Fire is another one that has some legendary dark and large areolas and certainly is in the top ranks of large areola pornstars. Well, to my amazement, Black Ice Pass, just featured a new scene with the two of busty ethnic babes together (which by the way both have the same 36DD breast size) in the same scene! If this doesn’t get your large areola kicks off, I don’t know what will! Watch these two girls take on this huge, black cock, sucking and fucking him like mad!

jada fire havana ginger areolas

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Dark Indian Areolas

User submitted sites are all the rage right now, giving us a glimpse at total amateurs having sex. On a site called Submit Your Bitch, I came across this Indian amateur named Rachel with some of the darkest areolas I’ve ever seen. Usually when they’re this dark, oftentimes it’s because they’re pregnant, but judging from her belly, I think she just has really dark areolas. Also, in over 4 years of this site’s existence, I don’t think I’ve ever had a busty Indian grace these pages, so I’m excited that I found this to share. On top of that, Rachel had a few videos on the site that feature her giving blowjobs and having sex. In any case, take a look at this big tit Indian amateur having sex with her boyfriend in this real life user submitted video!

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Busty Asian Kanon Ozora

Wowser! Japanese babe Kanon Ozora has some of the most beautiful, large areolas that I’ve ever come across. As you can see, they’re about as long as her fingers, which I’m guessing is 3-4 inches across? Her nipples are might sensitive as well, as she plays with a vibrator and yelps each time it brushes against her big breasts. Watch this busty Asian play with her big tits and pussy as she gets herself off! Courtesy of Big Tits Tokyo.

kanon ozora large areolas

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Jessie Minx Cosmid

It’s an exciting day! Big boob amateur site just released several videos featuring this huge breasted, punk/alt, amateur named Jessie Minx. This 21 year old has some enormous areolas, they simply look delicious! I would imagine they’re at least 4 inches across. They’re one of the largest I’ve seen! Watch this video of Jessie lathering up her huge tits with lotion and playing with her pierced nipples!

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Penelope X-Art

Certainly not the largest, definitely not the smallest, but quite possibly the most unique areolas I have ever seen – Penelope from X-Art has areolas that are actually lighter than her skin. This 20 year old, from Portugal, is a University student that has no problems showing off her beautiful, petite body. Check out this little exhibitionist in her debut!

penelope xart

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